Parking Stickers

  • The 1st Ward contains 6 residential parking zones.

    The approximate boundaries of these zones are:

    * 154- Division to Wabansia, Damen to Noble
    * 346- Schubert to Wellington, California to Hoyne
    * 102- Division to Altgeld, California to Oakley
    * 759- Chicago to Division, California to Western
    * 204- Augusta to Division, Paulina to Milwaukee
    * 168- Ontario to Division, Western to Paulina

    Residential Guest Passes


    My office sells 24 hour guest passes. These are available to purchase during my regular office hours. Each household, located within a zone, is entitled to purchase two books (30 passes) every 30 days.


    Monthly minimum: 15 passes for $8
    Monthly maximum: 30 passes for $16
    These passes expire in December 2015



    Chicago City Stickers, Residential Zone Stickers and Guest Passes are all sold at the City Clerk’s Office or Clerk Satellite Facilities.

    Clerk Mendoza’s website can be found here.

    City Stickers/Residential Zone Stickers

    If you live in the City of Chicago for more than 30 days, you are required to have a Chicago City Sticker.  We do not sell City Stickers at our office. You may purchase City Stickers at the following locations:

    City Clerk’s Office
    City Clerk Satellite Office
    Currency Exchanges*
    *Please be aware that there may be a convenience fee associated with purchasing stickers at a currency exchange location.  Currency exchanges can only process orders for vehicles with in-state license plates.  If you have out-of-state plates, visit the City Clerk’s office to purchase your sticker.

    City Sticker Facts

    The annual cost for a passenger vehicle is $75.00 however they are prorated.
    June 1 – November 30:  $75.00
    December 1 – March 31: $50.00
    April 1 – May 31:  $25.00
    If you have a larger truck, van, or SUV you may need to purchase an additional large passenger sticker.   Make sure to check the Chicago City Clerk for information and to see if your vehicle qualifies.

    If you are age 65 or older, you are eligible to receive a senior citizen discount on your sticker.
    You will need to provide proof of vehicle registration and proof of residency.

    If you are a new resident or a current resident who has purchased a new or used vehicle (within the last 30 calendar days), you are not subject to a late fee. Please provide your bill of sale or documentation that you recently moved into the City of Chicago when you purchase your sticker.

    Residential Zone Sticker Facts

    The annual cost of a residential sticker is $25.00 however they are prorated.
    June 1 – November 30: $25.00
    December 1 – March 31:  $16.50
    April 1 – May 31: $8.25

    You can find a map of zoned parking areas here.